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Over the years, light design has become of fundamental importance for the perfect success of an event.
Lights are a decorative element that allows you to emphasize emotions and make the atmosphere of a special event unforgettable.
An event like a wedding needs to be taken care of in every small detail, nothing can be left to chance, much less lighting. In most cases the lighting represents the whole scenography of the ceremony.
A starry sky or a waterfall of microleds can fill the wedding day with magic, giving warmth and romance to the entire setting.
Our “light designer” never leaves anything to chance and after having carried out an inspection of the location, he designs a suitable lighting system, especially in line with the theme of the wedding itself, whether it is vintage, modern, soft, lounge or elegant.
Every day we are looking for innovative and convenient products for the customer. In fact, for some years now we have concentrated our investments on LEDs and battery-powered projectors to achieve maximum energy savings, but above all to avoid having km of cables laid throughout the location.

Over the years we have specialized in "Vintage Syle" lighting. With bulb cords of all types and colors but also LED starry skies or LED light clusters. Widely used for cake cutting areas and more commonly known as Fairy light and Wedding Ceiling Light.
For all our services but above all for this, it is advisable to carry out an on-site inspection that we offer free and without obligation, in this motion we will be able to design your lighting scenography designed specifically for you.

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