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"It is said that when we experience a certain emotion of happiness, euphoria or amazement, our heart reaches 128 beats per minute,

a magical frequency that harmonizes us with our body and makes us feel completely alive ... "

Through this "philosophy", we are a group of artists who have decided to combine their knowledge to create a canvas of very close-knit professionals who can bring these emotions to our customers.

During these last 10 years of activity we have organized and participated in events throughout Italy and abroad, from corporate parties to private parties, from social events to weddings, aiming to offer a highly professional service for the organization of events .

What distinguishes us is the curiosity to always find new ideas to propose to our customers to ensure that their event can witness something different ... never seen before ...

We tackle every job in order to make the result not only optimal, but also as close as possible to the expectations of our client and above all of our client's client.

For this reason we are always attentive not only to new technologies but above all we are always in connection with professionals who experiment, like us, new solutions.

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