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And here is the HARP OF LIGHT that with its beams floods with sound and color.

The laser-harp is an electronic musical instrument formed by "plucked" laser beams as if they were the strings of a harp. The instrument must be connected to a synthesizer or to a computer with which particular sounds can be obtained.

It is generally built using a single laser, dividing its beam into a series of rays, arranged parallel or "fan-like"

The executive effect is fascinating, where the hands become expert molders of "nothing", however, creating the synergistic effect that involves the entire body.

The use of the laser harp produces a suggestive visual and sound effect: when the stage space is crossed by beams of light generated by the laser sources, the hands of the "musician" cross and interrupt the beams of light, determining the sound.


It is therefore a complete show, to dance but also to admire, because it preserves the sound pressure of a DJ set on the track, but with the added bonus of a concert on stage ...

The result is a choreography created thanks to the play of light, dark and smoke that recalls a spatial and futuristic atmosphere.

often used as entertainment for:
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