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Who said that DJing, RAPPER or BEATBOXER is grown up stuff?

For the first time in the whole national territory we have run COURSES for aspiring little DEEJAY, REPPER and BEATBOXER for the 4th and 5th ELEMENTARY and 1st 2nd 3rd MEDIA CLASSES in different schools in Emilia Romagna.

All this thanks to the collaboration of teachers, parents and principals who believed and invested time in this new project.

The spirit was to promote all the arts of this musical culture because in addition to being a very current musical movement present among young people, it offers the opportunity to express themselves, to relate and communicate with others ...

Thus evoking emotions, both through the musical dimension and through the text, and for this reason it is motivating and encouraging also on a psychological level;


Arousing interest and desire to create, by oneself the most personal lyrics and music, through the technique of song writing, singing, musical composition .. (Dj, Breaking, Rap and Writing)

Thus giving the possibility to:

discover parts of oneself that are not fully known;

to rediscover in oneself through music those resources which seem obscured through other channels;

to know and understand each other;

expand their motor and sensory experiences, and through these the attention and memory skills;

reinvigorate and give ample space to creative abilities;

stimulate constructive emotions, imagination and creative intelligence;

accept yourself,

have self-esteem,

acquire autonomy.

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