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It is a service designed for every type of event, from a company party to a graduation party , from a gala reception to a wedding .

Thanks to its versatility, the DJ can satisfy every type of occasion, every age and musical taste, ranging from rock'n roll to the most refined house music, from the lounge aperitif to the '70' 80 '90' revival style dance.

You can change your musical choices at any stage of the event, managing to satisfy even the most original requests of your guests ...

The atmosphere will be calibrated to your specific needs through a preventive meeting to get to know the musical tastes and the songs you want to use within the event.

In addition to the musical choice, the possibility of creating the right atmosphere from a visual point of view will also be evaluated, illuminating the desired location in a suggestive way.

The equipment available is among the most professional on the market in order to guarantee a sound and a musical definition without any kind of imperfection.

In addition, the event can be recorded in real time so, at the end of the reception, you will have an exclusive copy of the entire evening in order to have a memory to collect and listen to whenever you wish ...

Contact us for a personalized quote ...

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