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The hip-pop world, with all its nuances, has forcefully returned to the contemporary music scene, contaminating us with

its sounds both on the radio and on TV and that is why it is in great demand to entertain and animate the guests of your event ..

Precisely for the abilities of those who perform it, rappers amaze with their improvisation to repudiate rhymes, assonances, rhetorical figures and puns at the mere glance of an object or a detail that can lead it back to the context of the event.

It can be performed a cappella, on a backing track or on that played by a beatboxer.

Beatboxing, or more simply beatbox, consists in the ability and practice to reproduce all the sounds of a drum kit (percussion, cymbals), the scratches of DJs and other instruments through the use of the mouth and voice.

Seeing a beatboxer perform together with a rapper is an indescribable sensation, sounds and rhymes are perfectly reproduced so complex as to amaze even the most demanding audience ...

The only thing that is not improvised are our Italian and foreign performers, who boast a decent international curriculum both in the radio and television fields in order to guarantee the client the right professionalism and the right fun at their event.

Suitable for parties / anniversaries, weddings, TV / theater shows, advertising.

Contact us for a detailed quote ...

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