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If architectural design defines the spaces of buildings, architectural light has the important mission of illuminating them.
The purpose of architectural lighting is, in fact, to show, through the numerous professional lighting systems, the particularities of a building, a location and to enhance it by enhancing its beauty.
To achieve an adequate light direction, the luminaires must be equipped with optics, reflectors and lenses, which produce a wide range of lighting effects: from very concentrated light beams intended for small objects to the illumination of details, to wall washer light beams for the homogeneous lighting of walls and vertical display surfaces.
The introduction of LEDs in the entire range of architectural lighting fixtures responds to the need to combine light quality and efficiency.
Their peculiarity is to work without any cable as they are self-powered, so that they can reach any space that the customer wants to illuminate without any limit with an autonomy of up to 10 hours.
They also feature wireless technology so you can change colors at any distance at any time.
The LEDs are chosen among the best manufacturers to ensure the best performance in terms of duration and color consistency for any type of event.
Recommended: For any type of event but especially for WEDDINGS and CORPORATE EVENTS.
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