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Four hands two names Carlo and Simona who, thanks to their revolutionary show of Chinese shadows with four hands, managed to enchant children and adults of all ages, managing to bring their entertainment on stages all over the world.
A simple light, a screen, and an incredible performance is realized in front of your eyes, ready to enter a dimension of fantasy, dream and simplicity.

During the show Carlo and Simona will immerse you in a totally unreal dimension, where the rules of nature are confused with the wonders of magic resulting from any trick.

You will see the shadows of famous actors, singers, animals materialize before your eyes: from Tina Turner to Freddy Mercury ... from Louis Armstrong to Elvis, from Elephant to Dromedary, from rabbit to giraffe ... and many more.

These will present themselves and will be produced in their best interpretations through a musical tempo in perfect synchrony with the execution of the hands.
The show lasts from 15 to 30 minutes and can be modeled and built according to various needs.
It is ideal for any type of event: Theater Shows, Weddings, Amusement Parks, Cruise Ships, Festival Gala, Variety Shows, Conventions, Cabarets, Shopping Centers, Inaugurations and Company Parties.
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