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We create CUSTOMIZED SHOWS through animation and narration, with the technique of drawings made live with sand, on an overhead projector.

The illustrator gives life to the forms that illustrate the story, the images are then projected live on the screen and accompanied by suggestive music.

Here then comes to life, almost magically, a spectacle of wonderful poetry and suggestion ... The fingers like brushes outline shapes and signs, which come alive and transform in a few moments.

At an event such as WEDDING it can be proposed to tell the life of the spouses before getting married, how they met, their first kiss, their first trip, the marriage proposal ... while in a COMPANY event it can be inserted if desired tell the story of the company from how it was born, from completed projects to future projects ...

A celebratory event such as an ANNIVERSARY date, a BIRTHDAY, an ENGAGEMENT are all moments that lend themselves to the story through this technique.

Particularly suitable for those who want to excite and get excited ...

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